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2/4/2018 2:16:19 AMrencontre avec joe black ba Eminem sucks and not cool anymore. 

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I use to like him back in the day.
Has reached his saturation point and haven't listened much in the past few years.
The thing that turned me off was his new political views that he feels the need to tell everyone about.

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2/9/2018 7:57:58 AMrencontres morteau Eminem sucks and not cool anymore. 

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I was never an Eminem fan, but I do like some of his music. I always thought his lyrical content would be limited because of his background.

His greatest appeal was with urban white people into rap music. His appeal in the black community was minimal, not because he lacked rhyme skills, he's among the best at that, but because black people, who are the fuel of Hip Hop/rap music (even if they aren't the ones who actually spend the most money on it) couldn't relate to the vast majority of his lyrical content.

Being able to relate to the lyrics in Hip Hop is of GREAT importance (though that might be hard to believe when you listen to the lyrics of some of the most popular songs today), hence the popular Hip Hop mantra "keep it real".

That said, I think Eminem has lost some of his passion for rapping. He's achieved quite a bit in his career and has received almost every accolade a rapper could want and he lost a close l, long time friend (Proof of D12).

Compounded with the fact that he's much older now, I think he'd just much rather relax and enjoy his wealth. I certainly don't think he's reached a "saturation point".

I disagree with some of what he seemed to support in his freestyle rap attack against Trump, but I STILL respect his talent and skill.