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Seems like yesterday that... people say this only because shit gets stuck in their head and stays there. It's mental baggage which you carry around with you and becomes part of your make up. It isn't just memories. It's shit that shaped your character. The good, the bad, and the ugly. So remember, when something long ago seems like it was just yesterday, it actually is something that runs deeper than you may think with you.

What do you have in your from long ago that seems like just yesterday?

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The day Jake murdered the nurse. I relive it daily.

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Roy Hamilton wasn't it? The really seasoned citizens remember the song. He died young I think.

Definitely my mother and Michele. Their negativity shaped me into the guy I am today.

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After all my years there's still way too much chit in my head. Mostly Mom and her unhappiness, took a toll on the whole fam just most of my siblings don't realize it. Just saw news of a helo crash down here, memories of my time around those things are rushing in, bad night sleeping coming.

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I've been getting rid of shit for years...I do it on a daily basis...all day every just like yesterday was really yesterday...other than my kids and others kids getting older.....

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Quote from inner_strength:

What do you have in your from long ago that seems like just yesterday?

Lots. I have a picture-memory.

School. I guess because we spent so much of our time there.

Summertime. Oh, yes. Always those long lazy hot summers!